Make your one
and only drone!Flylly

The Flylly is perfect for beginners, which can be easily controlled by children and the elderly.
It comes with 3 covers (orange, yellow and white), you can change to any colors whenever you want.
You can draw on the cover with a pen, and enjoy creating your one and only drone!
It also comes with a propeller cover for protection, which is recommended in educational situations as it is safe.

Equipped with 4K camera!
Camera angles can easily be adjusted manually!

Drawing and dress-up drone
■ Product name
■ Body color
Blue (spare covers : orange, yellow, and white)
■ Accessories
Flylly main unit
Spare covers x 3 (orange, yellow, and white)
Spare propellers x 4 (Blue x 2, Black x 2)
USB charging cable
Propeller remover
Manual in Japanese
■ Spec
Length : 82mm
Width : 89mm
Height : 33mm
Weight : 40g
Charging Time : about 45 mins
Battery : 3.7V 300mAh
Estimate Flight Time : 5 mins
Control distance : 50-60m
Wi-Fi distance : 30m
Camera resolution : 3840 x 2160 (photo), 1920 x 1080 (video)
■ Apps
SKY Drone Go
Download the app to control, take videos and record them with your smartphone!

【iOS】Download at App Store >> 【Android】Download at Google Play >>