The system of improving QOL of the isolated island
by using the most advanced Robots and Drones.

The development and
popularization W.S.P Island

W.S.P Island logo
*The QOL is the degree to which an individual is healthy, comfortable, and able to participate in or enjoy life events.

W.S.P is developing to create and disseminate smart technology infrastructure buy using drones and robots in island.
W.S.P Island is the robot system of making the most livable island in the world with smart technology.

We are preparing those system in Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands “Saipan” and remote island in Japan as a model Case.

The base of demonstration and examination and some development.W.S.P Island LABO will be established in 2022.

The robots of W.S.P Island

  • Under-water three-dimensional scanning robot
  • Nano Drone
  • The auto cleaning robot for Solar panels
  • The inspection robot for Windfarm
  • 3D-VR Goggle
  • Spray injection robot
  • Hover craft bike
  • The programing educational drone
  • Others
W.S.P Island Case 01

Smart Mobility that delivers medicines and career patients.

Planning to create smart medical system using by reasonable emergency drone to career patient quickly from the place such as the depopulated area where has not an advanced medical institution.

We will deliver medicines and foods by using smart mobility towards in 2030.

W.S.P Island Case 02

Sightseeing and races by Air mobility.

We are aiming for having sightseeing by drone to deliver an experience which you have never had and opening drone race event to make a new tourist attraction to improving the number of tourists.

The hovercraft bike, which is scheduled to go on sale in 2026, can be expected to reduce costs and time as a means of transportation between remote islands.

W.S.P Island Case 03

The smart fishery by Under-water robot.

We will promote the development of smart fishery robots aiming at "a fishery that anyone can participate in" by utilizing drones and ICT, instead of fishing that relies on the experience of fishery workers so far.

W.S.P aims for efficient utilization of marine resources around the world through smart fishing.

W.S.P Island Case 04

Reduction of food loss by drone delivery of the instantly frozen ingredients

Utilizing the latest frozen technology, instant storage of surplus ingredients.
Food loss is greatly reduced by improving the efficiency of food distribution combined with drone delivery. By building a drone delivery system that does not require human intervention, we believe that we can make a significant contribution to infectious disease control.

W.S.P Island Case 05

The investigation of foreign species and investigation and protection of ancient species.

Utilizing drone and under-water drone, it enables low-cost surveys even in areas that were previously uncovered.

Pest control and sterilization and Antibacterial by using spray injection drone.

W.S.P is developing a system that can remotely spray commercially available spray cans and spray bottles. It is extremely versatile, and it is possible to remotely control pest control using local spray cans and alcohol sterilization with drones in various places around the world.